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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Sheety Chatbots!

Sheety Chatbot!

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to build a notification chatbot which sends you notifications at specific time intervals and talks to you if you want to receive them or not.

For the purpose of this tutorial we are going to build a bot which checks every 5 minutes on a google sheet if the person has marked his work or not and notifies specific subscriber on their telegram/slack/skype account if they have. Instead of a google sheet you can ping a website for changes.

subscriber - the user who has subscribed to the project via Telegram/Slack/Skype

We are going to use following stack for this purpose,

  • DynamoDB - subscribers and habits
  • AWS Lambda -
    • serverless functions which is invoked when chatbot gets a message.
    • a cron job which notifies the user for an update
  • Claudia.js - Wrapper to write chatbot for slack, telegram and skype
  • Cloudwatch Rules - To trigger lambda function every 5 minutes


In our database, we are going to have two tables - subscribers , sheetcells

Subscribers is going to have following columns,
- id
- slackToken
- slackId
- telegramId
- skypeId
- sheetId

Sheetcells is going to have following columns,
- cell
- value
- last checked
- type : enum [ “habit”, “goal”, “day” ]
- subscriberId

For our main infrastructure, we will have cloudwatch event calling our notification lambda function (called as notifyLambda), which will send the message to our user. The conversations would be handled by separate lambda function which is called (

Monday, September 28, 2020

Time Management and Productivity

As someone who is data and productivity fanatic, this post is going to be about breaking the schedule, tracking the data while there is a schedule and there is not a schedule and how to measure more accurate metrics. 

Friday, July 31, 2020

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Why this pandemic is an ultimate test.

Humans have survived on the hope of a better future. The now is pretty irrelevant as long as there is the promise of a better future. We have led ourselves to narrate a sippy dream filled with brighter future of neon lights and disposable human connections. Nobody expected to be in a home lockdown, irrespective of the fact that's what we would have been doing anyway, the imposition of such comes as a big blow. Something more precious than the present has been taken away from us, the promise of a better future. 

The psychological impact of it is insanely high. We have to deal with someone, we have to live with someone we rarely have an honest conversation with, ourselves. This pandemic is also a long coming for so many issues that plagued society, we are looking at improved conversations on the division of labour between genders, mental health, social media addiction, unimpactful education system and so on. It is indeed an extraordinary situation where everyone seems to be stuck together (and yet alone) in an elevator that sometimes goes up, sometimes down, but the doors don’t open and the help button is broken.

And that is why this pandemic is an ultimate test for homo sapiens. 
We need to create reasons to find hope, because I am pretty sure this won't go on more than 3-4 months from now on. The vaccine would be prepared and when it does we should be ready to do what we always dreamt of.